Conference participation 2017

24-25 July, New challenges for global economic integration, Central Reserve Bank of Peru and Reinventing Bretton Woods Committee, Cusco

3-4 July, Living without globalisation, Hamburg Institute of International Economics and Reinventing Bretton Woods Commmittee, Hamburg

6-7 March, EMU and challenges ahead for the European Union, Euro50 Group, Bruxelles

1 February, Foreign exchange risk in development, Managing currency risk through blended finance, European Commission OECD EDFI Convergence TCX, Bruxelles

10 January, Dinner debate with the Rt. Hon. Kenneth Clarke on Brexit, Euro50 Group, London

Conference participation 2016

9 October 2016, The Eurozone after Brexit, Euro50 Group CIGI, Washington, D.C.

29-30 September, Global Financial Stability in a new Monetary Environment, China Finance 40 Forum, Euro50 Group, CIGI, Paris

22 July, Reform of Global Financial Architecture: Short Term Measures and Long Term Goals, Chengdu

26 January, B20 Inaugural Meeting, Beijing

12 January, Farewell Symposium for Christian Noyer, Bank of France, Paris

Conference participation 2015

10 November, UBS European Conference 2015, London

28 October, LSE IDEAS Konrad Adenauer Stiftung Workshop: The emergence of a mulitpolar currency regime, London

6-11 October, IMF-World Bank Annual Meetings, Lima

2 October, G20 Energy Minister meeting, Istanbul

29 August, China Finance 40 Forum, Brookings and Euro50 Group Conference, Beijing

22-23 June, Ministry of Strategy and Finance of Korea and Korean Development Institute, Global financial safety net and regional financial arrangements, Seoul

3-5 May, Centre for International Governance Innovation (CIGI) and Think20 (T20), Prioritising international monetary and financial cooperation, Ottawa

1-2 June, Joint B20-OECD Task Force meetings, Paris

17-19 April, B20 Task Force meetings, Washington, D.C.

30-31 March, Euro50 Group, Monetary policy in times of turbulence, Frankfurt

3 March, EIB Economics Conference, Berlin

26 February, International Bar Association, From BRICS to MINT, London

18 February, Euro50 Group, dinner with Mervyn King, London

9-10 February, B20 Task Force Financing Growth kick-off meeting, Istanbul